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A Look at KeepGo

KeepGo offers eSIMs and SIM cards that cater to travelers looking to stay connected across multiple regions worldwide. Known for its “lifetime eSIMs,” they ensure that its eSIMs remain valid indefinitely, as long as they are recharged at least once a year. This feature is particularly appealing for frequent travelers who require continuous access to internet services across various destinations.

Core Features

Key features of KeepGo eSIM include:

  • Global Coverage: Platform provides internet access through more than 150 worldwide network providers, ensuring broad coverage.
  • Lifetime Validity: As long as the eSIM is recharged annually, it will remain active, offering a long-term solution for travelers.
  • Flexible Data Plans: KeepGo’s plans are varied, including regional and global options, which cater to the needs of different travelers.
  • Multi-network Accessibility: In many regions, this provider allow users to switch between multiple network operators, enhancing connectivity reliability and speed.

Getting Started with KeepGo

To begin using KeepGo:

  1. Purchase Your Plan: Visit KeepGo’s website to choose the right eSIM plan for your travel needs.
  2. Install the eSIM: After purchasing, you’ll receive a QR code via email. Scan this with your device to install the eSIM.
  3. Activate Your eSIM: Follow the prompts on your device to activate the eSIM. It’s recommended to do this upon arrival at your destination to maximize your data usage efficiently.

How Much Does KeepGo Cost

KeepGo’s eSIM prices vary based on the coverage and data amount. Plans can range from $5 for 1 GB in certain regions to $37 for 1 GB in others, highlighting the premium cost for extensive coverage. The company occasionally offers bundles that can provide better value, especially for travelers visiting multiple countries.

Pros and Cons

Things We Like:

  • Lifetime eSIMs: A unique offering that is cost-effective for frequent travelers who do not wish to change SIMs often.
  • Extensive Network Options: Ability to switch between networks in a given region can be crucial for maintaining connectivity in varied geographical locations.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Cost Variability: Some regional plans are expensive compared to local providers, which may discourage single-country visitors.
  • Bundle Restrictions: The necessity to purchase bundles rather than single-country plans can increase costs unnecessarily for some users.


KeepGo offers a compelling option for travelers through its lifetime eSIMs and extensive global coverage. While its plans are priced higher than some local options, the convenience of maintaining a single eSIM for multiple trips and the ability to switch networks are significant advantages. However, the cost-effectiveness of the eSim may vary depending on individual travel patterns and destinations. For those who travel frequently and to various regions, this eSim provider could be an excellent investment to ensure continuous connectivity. For more detailed reviews and user feedback, visit our comprehensive review page.

1. How does KeepGo’s lifetime eSIM work?

Providers lifetime eSIM remains active as long as you recharge it at least once a year. This means you can keep the same eSIM for multiple trips over an extended period, making it a convenient option for frequent travelers.

2. What kind of data plans does KeepGo offer?

Company offers a variety of flexible data plans, including regional and global options. These plans cater to the needs of different travelers, whether they are visiting a single country or multiple destinations.

3. Is KeepGo eSIM expensive?

The cost of eSIM varies based on the coverage area and the amount of data included in the plan. Prices can range from $5 for 1 GB in certain regions to $37 for 1 GB in others. While some plans may be more expensive compared to local providers, the convenience and extensive coverage may justify the cost for frequent travelers.

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